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“People always were & always are everything to me”- Priyadarshi Pany, CEO and Founder.

CSM, where technology advancement is practiced well balanced with human perspectives, is for those who are ready to see beyond possibilities. When you sign up for CSM, your career growth is aligned with your responsibilities to get you the maximum benefit of your engagement with us. We allow a global platform to showcase your skills by being part of both national and international projects. Not only that you get to work with the best of best teams, but regular feedbacks, a strong appraisal system and objective effort recognition programs are just a few measures that assure both personal and professional growth at CSM.

The six major areas of CSM career growth map:

Global Exposure
Diverse Domains
Appraisal and Training
Rewards and Recognitions
Social Initiatives
Work life Balance

CSM is for people who begin with the vision of the end in mind. Such self-oriented people would have a long path of successes laid down.

Production Branch
Business Solution Section
Strategic Management Section
Educational wing

Those who nurture an ambition to grow within challenges and savor the successes achieved, we provide a plethora of opportunities to begin with.

Production Branch
This domain of work consists of technology people, the makers of the solutions who expertise in-
Providing IT solutions/ Consultancy
System analyzing and drawing inference
Project specialization/ Domain expertise
Technology expertise
Interpreting/ Analyzing/ Technology support
Developing/ Designing
Quality Check
Research & Development
Business Solution
This group of people are technocrats who create/ invent/ discover demand for CSM's services-
Business Development
Strategy Building team
Niche Marketing
Strategic Management
These are certain management areas, where progressive thinkers are required-
Project management
Business management
Finance Mous
Service Management
Human Resource Development
Educational Wing
Here we require mentors to guide our prospecting managers-
Technology Support
Network support