How to Apply?


You are now one step nearer in exploring a promising and challenging future with CSM, after your registration. All our locations may receive your job application, but preference is through the online application only vide our site This is required for faster acknowledgements to the number of applications we receive per day. Information is provided in English throughout the website.

Steps to help you in the career section

Step 1: Register with CSM-careers

Before you can apply online for a position or training program, you will need to create a user id. To do so, please click on ‘New User Register Here’ on the left menu. Once you have successfully created a user id, you will receive a confirmation from CSM-careers in the email address that you specified while creating the user id. The confirmation email will contain your user id and password.

Important: you must supply a valid and accurate email address during the registration process. This email is the only means with which CSM Careers can communicate with you initially.

Step 2: Check your Account

After you have successfully created your account, this step will show you your coordinates. It will show you the details of your account creation, and if that is past already, it will show your interaction with the careers in CSM that you have come across in the website.

You would also come across a Profile status bar, which would show the section of profile/resume building you are in. The check mark shows the section, you have already completed.

Step 3: Edit / Build Your Resume

Now that you have an activated user id and password, you can login through the left menu, and build your resume. A number of items are required on the Resume before you can apply for a position or training program. These items are shown as sections in the Profile Status as Dependency, Academic Details, Training Details, Experience, and Reference. Out of all the sections, only the Academic Details is compulsory, however try to be as thorough as possible in providing information. You can preview your resume at any time.

You can also edit your resume through Edit your resume in the same process.

Step 4: View Vacancies

Now that you have a resume ready, you can view vacancies, either by listing all, or by searching through the vacancies for specific key words or locations. You can search by job location and department wise in CSM.

Step 5: Applying for a position

To apply for a specific vacancy or a training program, simply click on the Apply button next to the job title. It is only at this point that your resume will be sent to Human Resources Recruitment as an application for that specific position. However, you can also apply without attaching your resume to a specific job.

Step 6: Job Status

After you have applied, you may come back to this site to view the status of your application. Also this section shows you the job interactions you had with the website viz., how many jobs you applied,  and their status.